Clive Algar

South African novelist

Glossary of South African words

Potch  –  Abbreviation of Potchefstroom, a Transvaal town

kappie  –  sun bonnet

dorp  –  village

stoep  –  covered veranda or open porch

commando  –  mounted militia unit

agterryer  –  mounted groom or other attendant

kraal  –  enclosure for farm animals

kaffir  –  mode of address or reference to a black person, now extremely offensive

volk  –  in this context, farmhands

burgher  –  a citizen with militia duties

mealie  –  maize

vrede  –  peace

verwoesting  –  devastation

inspan  –  to harness draught animals

koppie  –  hillock

miesies  –  servant’s mode of address to mistress of a household

outa  –  mode of address or reference to an elderly black man

khaki  –  Boer name for a British soldier

ouma  –  grandmother

touleier  –  young boy leading a team of oxen

dominee  –  Dutch Reformed clergyman

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